Ballroom Dance lesson with Dominic Boyer

About Dominic

Dominic is an accomplished professional dance instructor with over 35 years of dancing and teaching experience. He listens to his students and works with them to address individual needs and concerns. Dominic offers one-on-one classes that are fun, with clear instructions. He makes it very easy to learn and enjoy the magic of dance!

Dominic's Bio:

Dominic Boyer is from a small town called St-Constant in Quebec. His family is a proud group of dancers who every so often would indulge in other forms of art (e.g. painting, playing musical instruments, singing, etc.)  But most importantly, EVERYONE in his family dances!

His mother introduced Dominic to dance, and at 6 years old he began private lessons with Vivianne Poirier. At that time, his only partner was his sister, and both children stayed with Ms. Poirier until her departure for New York to compete professionally.

After Ms. Poirier's departure, Dominic and his sister took every opportunity for group classes and other forms of dance instruction. Family outings would include social dancing at Brossard every Saturday night and they participated in many other 
activities involving dance.

At 13 Dominic met two of his beloved instructors, Noëlla and Robert Aupin, and for the next five years, he and his sister were devoted students of this amazing couple. In 1995, Dominic moved to Montreal, but he left a legacy,  has many fond memories of showcases and social dance parties, and still enjoys many lasting friendships. 

Dominic studied Marketing at Cegep Andre-Laurendeau in Montreal, took several Holistic workshops with Annie Marquier at the “Institut de Developpement de la Personne," and studied Master Reiki, Light Body Meditation and Shiatsu.  He brings this knowledge with him to the dance floor as he helps students connect holistically with dance.

In 2002, he began working as an instructor at major dance schools in Montreal, and continued doing so in when he moved to Vancouver in 2005. Dominic instructed while regularly participating in various showcases, competitions, seminars and coaching lessons.

Dominic began to specialize in International Style Ballroom Dancing in 2006 and has been teaching as a freelance dance instructor ever since, also participating in various Pro-Am and Showcase events in the beautiful city of Vancouver. His many achievements include competing at the Grandball, and winning 1st with his students, as well as performing at the PNE.

Dominic has 30 years of experience as a dancer and 10 years as a professional dance instructor, and finds special joy in helping people new to dance discover the world of ballroom and social dancing. 
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